Smart Tint Privacy Film

Smart glass is a great alternative to other materials when it comes to creating privacy at the office or home without disrupting the aesthetic feel of the environment. This makes it perhaps the best solution that merges aesthetics and privacy.
Smart Tint film applies to any new or existing smooth glass surface. Easily control our switchable film from clear to frosted (opaque) with the click of a button or remote. Smart Tint privacy film is becomes frosted and opaque when powered off and transparent clear when powered on or the turn of a dimmer. Smart Tint is the next generation in switchable privacy glass as well as electronic dimmable glass treatments.

Smart Tint is 100% compatible with our smart home automation systems. This amazing technology blocks 98% of UV rays and solar heat.

  • Common applications for this technology are:
  • Boardrooms / Conference Rooms
  • Executive Offices
  • Retail / Lobby Spaces
  • Commercial
  • Aviation
  • Rear Projection Display
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Fitness Centers
  • Bedrooms / Bathrooms
  • Residential
  • Automotive
  • Marine