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Smart Houses: Helping You Reduce Energy and Save Money

You will be surprised to know that how much an average house owner spends on the energy bills on yearly basis. If you are able to reduce the footprint of the energy consumption every month, then you would be able to save a lot every year on your electricity bills yearly. Houses are getting smarter day by day and equipments like home smart houses control system have enabled smart homes and buildings to run more energy efficient. In this article, we are going to share some details on the equipments and the way they can be used to get the most out of your smart home.

  •  Automated Lights and Motion Sensors

LED and smart lights use a lot less energy as compared to the conventional light setup last a lot longer; meaning you can save money in the long run. These lights can also be controlled using your phone or tablet, to adjust the brightness and/or colour of an entire group or one of the lights at a time. Equipments like motorised curtain system automatically coves up the glass at a certain time, thus keeping the home cool and this also helps to put a lot less load on the home conditioning system. Similarly, smart tint privacy film with Electronic Tint helps to reduce the glare and it keeps the home a lot cooler as compared to the home that is not equipped with the same. This results in lower electricity bills, as the air conditioning system doesn’t have to work overtime.

Motion sensors in your garage or parking lot will ensure that once you have taken the car out, the lights will automatically turn on or off, depending on your liking. This eliminates the light to stay on unnecessarily and saves you lot of electricity.

  • Automatic Timers

Automated timers lets you time the ‘on’ and ‘off’ timings of the electronic equipments that you have installed in the house and this lets you save the electricity that might get wasted. For example, you could time the air conditioning to set off at a particular time so that even if you forget to switch it off, you can be sure that at the desired time it will automatically switch off on its own. If you don’t have an access control system in your office, then it might be the right time to get yourself one.

  • Smart Toilet Systems

Are you one of those people who enjoy bit of a luxury in their bathrooms? With smart toilet systems, you would be able to adjust water temperature and pressure as per your liking. The system also comes with a dryer, a heated seat and foot warmer and can be customized as per individual needs.

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