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Smart Homes- Smarter you

Feeling tired of living in the same old boring house?

Want to change it completely but not liking the choices available?

Then probably you have not heard about the smart homes.

Smart Homes Vs. Normal ones:

Let’s give you a brief account of the benefits of having a smart home than a normal one.

Surely you have network-connected gadgets at your home, like your smartphone which can be connected with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.

In a smart home these network connected products (mobile, tablets, laptops etc), will control, automate, and optimize the functions of your AC, Heater, Lights, Cameras, TV, Refrigerators etc remotely by the technology called Internet of Things (IoT).

Now let’s give you an example to clear the air.

Suppose at night lying in your bed suddenly you have an anxiety attack that you forgot to close the front door.

In a normal house, the next step will be jumping off the bed and rushing towards the door.

But in a smart home, the things get interesting.

You just have to visit the app and just clicking one button your door is shut.

Not only the security and CCTV systems, in the smart homes and buildings, office surveillance cameras, security alarms for business, smart toilet system, everything will be controlled by your gadgets from anywhere, anytime