How can smart homes influence the property value?

How can smart homes influence the property value?

Naturally the benefits smart homes offer beg for high property value but in actual it is absolutely affordable.

According to the 2016 Coldwell Banker survey, the American households with an annual income from $50,000 to $100,000 are opting for smart homes as quickly as elite homeowners.

Also owning a smart home can give you future selling benefits.

Why selling Smart Homes?

Surely your first question as a real estate agent should be, ‘if smart homes are not promising high property value, then why indulge in this business?’

The answer is, simply you do not have much choice. Do you?

As people always prefer, ‘what next?’

And the smart homes are our next big future.

Think this through.

Can you separate the present generation from their gadgets? Can you?

Most of the populations in Saudi Arabia are spending their time just looking at Twitter.

This is the reality. Naturally, people will love the idea of controlling the home through some mere touches on their phones.

Even the Coldwell Banker has found, “40% of Americans aged 65 or older who already own smart home products say they have smart temperature products, compared to only 25% of millennials.”

And for the folks without this tech, “more than one in four (27%) say they will incorporate it into their lives in 2016”.

Now we have only one month till 2016 is over.

So quickly grab the market otherwise, it will slip out soon.

To conclude,

I must say this is the future we all are waiting for where, wireless security cameras, home surveillance cameras, home security alarm, motorised curtain system everything will be at our fingertips without any trouble.

A perfect home is a smart home.