Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

Nowadays we are seeing a shift away from traditional storage hot water systems towards instantaneous or continuous flow hot water systems – also sometimes referred to as a tankless hot water heater.
A traditional storage hot water system stores a limited amount of hot water within the tank. In contrast, an instantaneous hot water system is designed to heat water only at the time it is being used, rather than storing water for later use so you have a more reliable and efficient hot water system for your home or office that will provide you with hot water ‘on demand’.

There are several reasons why an instantaneous hot water system might be the better choice for your home or office, instead of a storage hot water system. Firstly, the system is a continuous flow of hot water, so your system will be more reliable – and you can have hot water for longer. In addition to this, instantaneous systems will take up less room – whether installed internally or externally to your home or office as they are compact in size and can often be installed inside a recess box on an exterior wall of your property. Storage systems tend to take up much more space as they require more room due to their required storage cylinder.
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